Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Horse Show Luncheon

I went to a luncheon at an Arabian horse show today - something not usually on my Saturday agenda.   The Western Carolinas Arabian Horse Association is holding their annual show this weekend at the huge T. Ed Garrison Arena nearby, and as part of the program they are doing several things to honor my sister-in-law who passed away last May.  They held a hot dog supper last night, as well as a silent auction today, to raise money for a fund for Jane's children.  

And today at the luncheon the members of the Association unveiled an award that is going to be given for the next 15 years in honor of Jane.  In the words of the woman who introduced the award at the luncheon, Jane was a "trainer's trainer" and was highly known in this area for her work with Arabian horses.  Her family was invited to attend.

A slide show was running throughout the event with pictures of Jane, many of them showing her riding horses, but also some of her with her family.

This will hang on the upper level of the arena and a trophy will be given to the award recipient each year.

A close-up of the picture at the top.  The second line of the inscription reads "A trainer's trainer, a huntseat rider extraordinaire, and a friend and mentor to all."  

All the siblings who were able to attend today.  Mike had to work and one sister is on a trip.

This is the interior of the arena where the event was held and where Jane spent many hours showing horses over the years.  It's a magnificent building.  Out the gates in the back is where the horses are stalled and that is also where they enter the arena for showing.

Also, earlier in the morning, I went to a indoor yard sale at the family's old home.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the homeplace.  The changes that have been made to it are lovely (even though Mike and his siblings miss the olden days of the house) and I loved going back inside.  The scent is still the same!

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