Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - Nov. 16, 2011

--We have a red-breasted nuthatch coming to our feeders!  Haven't seen one of those in years!! (picture taken from the internet)
--Had a great time going to see ML's house dorm and then eating with her in the college cafeteria.  Soon we were surrounded by grads from her high school - former students of mine - and it was a great time.

--Mike took my car to get the oil changed on Tuesday and found that, though oil changes will be more expensive, they also will be much more infrequent with this car.  And, there's a button you can push to see how much life is left in the oil - so there's no guesswork involved.

--An easy week at school because many of my students are involved in our play production three days this week.  So I have extra time to get papers graded during the day.

--Birthday supper for a colleague/friend last night.  Five women around a restaurant table.  Great time!


Kara said...

I dont' think I have ever seen a red breasted nuthatch before. I wonder if they are up here in New England.

butterfly wishes wonderland dreams said...

would love to see those birds here, don't know if I ever have.

that car sounds awesome! would love a button like that!

butterfly wishes wonderland dreams

Barbara H. said...

That is a blessing that oil changes won't need to happen as often, and that button sounds handy!

The dinner with ML and the birthday dinner with friends sounds really neat.

Ann said...

I pulled a picture of a red-breasted nuthatch from the internet and added it to the post. They're beautiful little birds, and yes, they are in New England. They're only in the south in the winter. Haven't seen it the last few days - sure hope it wasn't just migrating through.

Faith said...

we get nuthatches all the time here in the capital region of New York State but I don't know if they are red breasted! I love watching them at the feeder! Yay for time during the school day to grade papers (i used to be a special ed prek teacher fulltime, then stayed home for 6 years and went back as a TA part time. Now I"m a TA full time with several special needs k-3rd graders..always so busy at work!). That's great that you had a girls nite out! enjoy your weekend!

Susanne said...

I love birds. Would love to see one of those little guys and hear their song!

I'm assuming ML is your daughter? Nice that you were able spend time with and run into some of your former students as well.