Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - November 23, 2012

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1. A lovely Thanksgiving day even if I was a little under the weather and stayed in all day.  First time in years I haven't been out and about.  Mike worked but my son and daughter went and joined the family-- 

2. Both offspring home for 24 hours--                                                                                                       

3. More looks at the red-breasted nuthatch - only there are two of them!  They are very tame.  Yesterday I stood not four feet away, getting ready to fill the feeders with seed, and they kept right on feeding without moving.  I so wished I'd had my camera there.  They act like hummingbirds as they keep chasing the other one away.  Even though there are two suet feeders!                                                    

4. The night of our Thanksgiving service, someone gave me $100 to give anonymously to a family that has joined our church and is working in our school - a fine family that we are so glad to have with us now.  The expression on my colleague's face when I gave it to him was very precious.  It was a blessing to be the bearer of that kindness!                                                                                                

5. One of my seniors wrote in her journal that she loved the game "Pretty Pretty Princess" as a child, but hers got away from her and she's not seen it since -- yet she's missed it very much.  Being an eBay lover, I checked it out - but most copies were $25+ - more than I was willing to pay even to do something nice for someone.  Last weekend at a yard sale I found one - for $2!  I gave it to her Monday morning and she was very happy to get it.


Barbara H. said...

Hope you're feeling better!

How neat to be the go-between for that gift and to find that game.

Susanne said...

How awesome finding the game for $2. God knew your heart and provided for you!

So nice to have the kids home for a holiday isn't it? Hope you are feeling better!

Faith said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! My youngest daughter had the game Pretty Pretty Princess!! Those were great times! How awesome about the person who donated for the needy family!! GOD IS GOOD! HAppy THanksgiving!

Willow said...

How sweet to provide that game for your student! And to be the bearer of a gift to help a colleague was special too.
Lots to be thankful for!

Susan said...

How wonderful to have your kiddos home for 24 hours. I was blessed to be with both of mine for the day. We all met at the ocean and brought the feast with us.

What sight your red-breasted nuthatches must be chasing each other. I didn't remember what they looked like so I googled them.

I hope this Monday finds you feeling much better.