Saturday, December 15, 2012


I had a birthday today, a half-decade birthday.  Saturdays are quiet but nice days to have a birthday.  It's nicer with FB.  I got a lot of birthday wishes from old friends, ones I don't see much of any more but are fun to keep in contact with on FB.

I haven't had to cook since Wednesday night.  Mom made a birthday supper Thursday night, Mike made spaghetti Friday night (as well as breakfast both yesterday and this morning), and we went out with our good friends Jack and Patty tonight.  It's going to be a weird feeling to have to break down and cook a meal tomorrow.

Yesterday a student and her mom gave me balloons attached to a 2-liter of Diet Sunkist (my favorite), as well as a gift card to Texas Roadhouse, including a coupon for a free appetizer and a $5 bill for the tip.  It was a very nice example of thinking of all the details.  It's nice to be remembered like that.  The mother said (in essence) "I just enjoy being a blessing to people."  She was!!

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