Sunday, January 13, 2013

His and Her Pneumonia

His and her pneumonia.

I would not recommend this as a bonding experience.

Mike had a fever and cold/flu symptoms earlier in the week, but Thursday felt good enough that he raked a neighbor's pine needles.  (They have a deal - He keeps her yard raked and then he keeps the needles to mulch his plants.)  Friday he didn't feel quite as well, and by yesterday he was having trouble breathing.  I knew what the diagnosis would be when he came out of the X-ray room having a shaking chill.

So I am on the upswing - supposed to go to work tomorrow, we'll see how that goes - and he is not doing so hot.  Fortunately I believe his was caught earlier than mine was.

We're on similar meds.  He, however, won't take cough syrup, etc., as regularly because "I don't like to take medicine." Men do not make good patients.

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