Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Fave Five, January 25, 2013

1. Safe and warm at home on an icy afternoon.  School was let out at mid-morning due to upcoming sleet and freezing rain - and it was a wise decision.  Picture below was taken a couple of years ago, and there's no snow on the ground today, but it still paints a good picture of the cold, dreary, inside day we are having.  (I love this kind of weather.)

2. Went to Greenville to the dentist on Tuesday, and stopped at Outback for supper afterward.  We had a very handsome waiter (he wasn't real keen about me taking his picture, but I wasn't about to be deterred) who got a very nice tip after his good service!!

3. Mike took care of a lot of things for us this week, on his two days off.  We had to get a new hot water heater; he took care of some legal matters with the title to Andrew's truck (which took three trips to the DMV and three trips to the county tax office!), and several other matters.  I greatly appreciate his faithfulness at taking care of things that have to be done.

4. We are slowly doing better.  I'd say we're 85-90% there, both of us.  Still have coughing and fatigue issues, but MUCH, MUCH better.

5. Saw two former students this morning, daughters of dear friends, who spoke to our girls' combined Bible classes.  It's always a blessing to see former students who are doing well, and even more so to see them when there is such a close personal connection also.  So Carrie and Rachael - you are beautiful and you are loved!!  Thank you!!


Barbara H. said...

We're having a lot of ice here, too. Jesse's classes were canceled but Jim went in to work. I hope he gets back safely!

I'm sure your handsome waiter/son appreciated the nice tip. :-)

It is a blessing when students continue on serving the Lord. I don't know if they realize what an encouragement that is.

Faith said...

Here in NY a little ice doesn't stop us. We are so used to it. We do have snow days though when there's more than 4 inches or if it's particularly treacherous. This year we have only had one 2 hour delay due to heavy wet snow before Xmas. It is all gone now.
but it's been bitter cold!!

I love that you wrote about your husband getting things done and that you had former students share. Are you a teacher?? I"m assuming at a christian school??

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Glad to hear this week you two are sharing healing and recovery! I know what you mean about seeing students who've grown up. It's so special.

Hope you have a great week ahead and you just keep getting stronger.

Susanne said...

Ice storms are very rare around here but they look pretty scary in the news. Glad to hear you and hubby are doing much better and that you are well on the road to being fully recovered.