Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Fave Five, 3-22-13

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1. Great day last Friday at the Fine Arts Competition.  Choric speaking couldn't have done much better - first place, trip to Nationals, last spot in the Showcase Recital at the end of the competition.  So proud of them!

2. My sister arrived safely at her new home in Texas.

3. Self-diagnosed myself with a sinus infection.  I had some leftover antibiotic from when the doctor changed my prescription during the pneumonia bout in January.  I googled Augmentin (the leftover) and read that it was often used for sinus infections, so I started taking it.  Within 24 hours the symptoms were greatly reduced.

4. Great missions conference this week and one speaker in particular with whom my husband and I felt a great kinship.

5. Andrew was home twice this week, and Mary Lee all of last week (spring break).  Andrew came with his friend Mr. Moose, to help get our speech groups ready for nationals, and he and I were able to practice as he is singing at Homecoming at Mike's old church this coming Sunday.  We are looking forward to going - always a nice time of reunion.


Barbara H. said...

Congrats to you and the choric speaking group! (My spell check wants to change choric to choleric. :-))

Glad you're feeling better and the leftover antibiotics were the right ones for your needs.

Glad you had some time to visit with your kids.

Faith said...

yay for antibiotics that work for sinus issues ( iwas on that last month and ended up with an infection from the antibiotic!! so just finished ANOTHER antibiotic. NOT FUN!) and congrats on the choral group standing!! that's awesome! Our oldest daughter had her college spring break last week and my youngest and I go on spring break from our public schools in just ONE MORE WEEK!! whoo hoo!!! Sounds like you had a great week....God is GOOD!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Glad you're feeling better! My boy was home for Spring Break last week, and we thoroughly enjoyed him, too.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

Kara Claflin said...

Glad to hear your sister made it safe and sound and that you are feeling better.

Willow said...

Isn't it wonderful to have the kids home for a bit?
I'm glad you are feeling better and am impressed with your students!

Susanne said...

Congrats on your win at the Fine Arts Competiton!

We have a missions Sunday at church tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the guest speaker.

Nice that you had some special time with your kids while they were home. Enjoy your time at the Homecoming.