Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday's Fave Five, 8/9/13

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1. School started back on Tuesday, and we had training for a new computer gradebook/communication system.  It appears to be great.  It can be accessed directly from the internet, has apps for iPad and iPhone, has built-in email platforms to communicate with parents, and all in all looks to be a great improvement over what we've used the past few years.

2. On my last day of summer vacation, I accomplished this:
Six boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I'll just put them in the closet until closer to the time.  Two ladies I know are attempting to get 500 boxes filled this year.  It's almost an impossible goal, but it's a fantastic goal, and this will put them six boxes closer.  I really admire their dedication to this, and their faith that it is going to happen.

3. Mike and ML had a good trip to her house for the school year, moving the first load.  We're thankful for knowing the landlords, and they know us.  So much better than just finding something on Craigslist.

4. I was able to get 18 good Sterling Point books (the old Landmark series) for the Christian school that Dad started so many years ago.  He offered to pay if I'd get them sent.  He did and I did!

5. My sister, after six months of unemployment, got a job this week!!


Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Yay for job news! Glad to hear your school's computer program will make life easier. Have a great week ahead!

Barbara H. said...

Glad the new system is working well. Sometimes the learning curve is a pain at first, but it sounds like this one is easy to work with right off the bat.

I've never been in a church that did those Christmas boxes. That's a great goal.

That's great about MB's place to live.

Congrats to your sister!

Faith said...

Oh how exciting to have a new system for the school. I still have 4 more weeks before we have to be back in the classroom. YAY for OCC!!!! Our church does hundreds of those boxes (we have about 2100 members and 3 site churches). The small group I lead is doing them this year...our goal is to have each mom do a box per person in their family. It should be a great service project! My own children have loved doing them over the years. That is good news about the job too! Enjoy the rest of the weekend