Friday, August 16, 2013

Progression of Separation

  • For the first few weeks he was with me 24/7.
  • His dad kept him so I could get out for a few hours.
  • He stayed at the nursery where I worked.
  • He stayed with our neighbors.
  • He had his first babysitter.
  • He went to preschool and Sunday school.
  • He visited a little friend for a few hours.
  • He went home with his grandparents for several days when his sister was born.
  • He went to kindergarten and rode a school van on a field trip.
  • He went to first grade.
  • He spent the night with a buddy from school.
  • He visited his grandparents for several days in another state.
  • He went to junior camp for five nights - we drove him there.
  • He went to another camp, several times, riding on a church bus.
  • He joined a sports team and went on away games.
  • He joined Boy Scouts and went on camping trips and to Boy Scout camp.
  • He got his driver's permit.
  • He got a part-time job.
  • He got his driver's license.
  • He drove himself to work and back.
  • He drove himself to school and back.
  • He drove himself to school and back, and we let his sister ride with him.
  • He traveled to tournaments with his basketball and soccer teams.
  • He took the car on special dates.
  • He went out with his buddies on weekend nights.
  • He graduated from high school and was out most of the night with his classmates.
  • He left for college and lived in a dorm.
  • He traveled on a drama team for a semester.
  • He graduated college and got an apartment in another city.
  • He joined several singing groups and traveled all over the country.
  • And next week he leaves to teach English in China.


rk2 said...

Wow, the memories of his being in AL during the summer or staying at Christmas at grandparents when I was visiting too.

I remember when I was visiting you in SC he was going to spend the night with the boy in a house behind you. He very methodically got his suitcase and pillow and started out the back door. He came back in and walked over to ML who was a baby still. He kneeled down beside her looking at her when you asked why he wasn't leaving. He looked at you and said, "Can't I have a few minutes to say good bye to my sister?"

Too cute, so sweet, and very funny.

Barbara H. said...

We've gone through several of those separations minus China and traveling music/drama teams. It doesn't get any easier, but China is definitely a tough one. One very close friend had a daughter there for several years doing the same thing your son is, and out church supports another young woman there now. It's a wonderful field. Thankfully Skype and texts and Facetime help.