Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Fave Five, 10/18/13

Link to Friday's Fave Five

1. I am almost finished crocheting this scarf for my son in China.  He is in an area that gets very cold in the winter, so I think he'll appreciate it.  And the camo colors should be masculine enough.  As soon as he sends an address (is having trouble getting the proper one), I have to mail a couple of boxes of winter clothes to him.

2. Several students helped me get this bulletin board up this week.  This is just the original cartoon--I didn't get a picture of the board itself.  They're easy to create--download cartoon, add it to a powerpoint (to make it larger), hook it up to the projector, put white paper on the whiteboard, and draw away.  Some people have to stop a minute to think about what this one means, but when you do get it, it's hilarious.  I'm starting poetry forms with the tenth grade, so this is perfect, and the other classes like it as well.  

3. Last weekend a balloon festival was in town.  I snapped this while out and about.  The morning was perfect and the balloons were beautiful.

4. This link, to my friends' blog Every Tradition, is to the account of my applesauce-making experience last weekend.  These are dear friends from many years ago, and I appreciate getting to guest blog occasionally on their traditions blog.

5. And finally, last but certainly not least--I am off school today!  It's a teacher workday (end of the first nine weeks), but the boss said that if our grades were in by last night, we didn't have to come in.  It's his first time running report cards on a new system, and I think he wants the peace and quiet.  That's fine with his teachers!!


Kathie said...

A day off - with all your reports card done? Double blessing!!

What a gorgeous shot of the balloon festival. I'd love to take photos there.

I'm going to check out your apple-sauce at Every Tradition - looks like a lovely blog.

Happy weekend!

rk2 said...

I was just wondering today about the address.

Also glad to know winesap apples make a good sauce. That's what is at the farmer's market and tomorrow is the last day.

Congrats on your day off. Sounds wonderful!!!

Barbara H. said...

That sounds like a great deal for the teachers! I remember when Westgate got a new system for report cards - it was a nightmare for the first several weeks but eventually everyone got used to the system.

Yep, I'd say a camo scarf is pretty masculine.

That sure makes bulletin boards easy. That one is funny.