Monday, October 7, 2013

Pictures and Videos from China

Andrew, making dumplings with his students.  Looks like fun.  The second video is a continuation of the first, with a little overlap.

In front of the Imperial Palace in his city.  Apparently there are a lot of these palaces in Chinese cities, not just the ones we hear of that are so well-known in Beijing.

The universities are having fall break in honor of one of the great rulers (they take a lot of vacations over there!) and the English teaching team took a retreat at this location.  Sigh.  Now I'm getting a little envious.  Andrew said the retreat was extremely refreshing and inspiring.  And it certainly was at a beautiful place!

He says that he gets requests for pictures with people all the time because many times he is the first foreigner that they have ever seen.  I love this picture.

With fellow teachers on a day out.
I hope readers have enjoyed the "slide show" and now have greater knowledge of what Andrew is doing and how to lift him up.

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Deanna said...

Thank you for posting this!! It is so good to see him. H