Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday's Fave Five - 2/14/14

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1. Safety and no loss of power during the snowstorm.  Mike had to go into work each day and he got there and home safely each day as well.

2. Four great days off because of the storm--and the possibility of not having to make them all up due to a bill going through the state legislature!

3. Daughter got home safely before the storm hit and was able to be with us here for the week, rather than alone at her house at college.  All her roommates had gone home, and if she had lost power she had no other way to heat.

4. I went shopping today and got four tops for late winter/spring, for $60.  One of them was originally priced at $56 and another at $48.  But they were marked down; today was 10% off entire purchase, and I had another coupon for 15% off entire purchase that could be used with the other discounts.  Not bad!

5. Two great contacts this week with old teaching friends from my single days.  One has a son who just left to teach overseas and I was able to help her with the free chatting program we use to communicate with Andrew.  And the other had some information about some former students as well as just some good catch-up about him and his family.  It was so nice to reconnect with both of them.


Susan said...

Love your shopping deal - couponing really can make a big difference.

So glad your husband and daughter had no issues with the snow. I bet it was lovely having that extra time together on account of that snow.

I hope this week finds you all safe and warm.

Susanne said...

Glad to hear everyone in your family was safe and sound after the storm and you had power. And what a blessing to have your daughter home. Great deal on the tops. I love when that happens.

Willow said...

I'm glad you were safe in all the snow and cold. I'm sure you are ready for spring any time now!

It's always great catching up with old friends!

Mia said...

So glad everyone was safe during the storm and that your daughter was able to be with you at the same time. A little retail therapy is a treat- especially when combined with stellar deals! :o)