Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday's Fave Five, 5/2/14

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1. I made two batches of jam last Saturday, then made one more on Tuesday night.  The picture isn't the greatest, but I like the artistry of how they look in the kitchen window.  Soon they'll get put away.

2. On Tuesday I bought a ticket for China!!

3. I've been going to the gym at least three times a week now for a couple of weeks, and it's getting easier.  I'm trying to get the knee stronger for going to China.  Sometimes it just pops out and is very painful.  It may require more intervention later, but for now I just want to get through the trip, in better shape and with a knee that lasts throughout all the walking that will go on.

4. Wednesday was a good day.  Two of my classes were gone on field trips, and I got a LOT of things done in my room that needed to be done - including getting vocabulary quizzes for next year run off and taken care of.

5. And finally - yesterday I had the privilege of "mothering" this little one for the day.  Her older sister is a good friend of my daughter's, and she goes to the school where I teach.  Her mom was going out of town, and her father was delayed getting back into town from a business trip.  So she showed up on my doorstep at 5:30 in the morning; I took her to school with me and then back home.  We made cookies; she practiced piano and watched TV until her dad got here.  She was as sweet as could be, and I enjoyed having her with me.  I had forgotten. . .


Barbara H. said...

All those jars of jam do look pretty in the window!

I am so excited for you to be going to China!

Glad to hear that going to the gym is getting easier. Hope your knee continues to improve.

Sounds like you had a very pleasant companion!

Susanne said...

I'd show off all those lovely jars of jam if I made such a thing. Love the light coming through the jam!

A trip to China sounds exciting. Hope your knee will be in top form. Would a brace help? Just the kind you buy at the drugstore sometimes does wonders.

Willow said...

Love the color of the jam! And I'm sure the flavor will be just as wonderful in the summer and fall.

Isn't it fun to have little ones around again? Yes, we do forget. She looks like a sweetie.

China? Exciting!