Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday's Fave Five 5/23/14

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Just realized it's been two full weeks since a post on here.  That's what the end of the school year is like.  I have a number of thoughts and things to write about. . .as soon as summer gets here.  And it is close!!

1. We had a lovely dinner last night with Mike's side of the family at a nice local restaurant.  Pictured below are all of the "next generation" (along with one boyfriend), three of whom are 2014 high school graduates and one just graduated from college.  Really nice evening.

2. My visa arrived in the mail today!!  It was sent FedEx and required a signature, so Mike had to stick around the house this morning while I was at the school awards program.  I hurried home - but in the meantime it had arrived.  I leave four weeks from yesterday!  It's becoming more real now.

3. When I got home today, Mike had cleaned up the kitchen, made the beds, and taken the trash to the dump.  He is a big help, especially if he is home on busy days when I have to work.  And right now he's helping my dad haul some mulch.  He's a hard worker and it is appreciated!!

4. Grades are done, awards program over with, and graduation is tonight.  Tomorrow I can breathe.

5. And this has absolutely nothing to do with my week, but a friend posted this picture on FB of her grandson right before his bath.  Have you ever seen such a cute little backside!!!


rk2 said...

I think I owe Mike a lunch at Skins. I told Dad if he got the mulch I'd spread it when I came. Tell Mike thanks!!!

That is a cute backside, but I remember two kids with the last name of Bailes that had pretty cute little backsides before a bath.

Barbara H. said...

I know the sense of relief I feel as a parent when school is over - that must be magnified several times over for teachers! :-)

Jim pitches in to help often around the house, too - immensely appreciated.

So exciting about your upcoming trip!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Don't you love graduation season and the impending summer? This teacher sure does! You must be excited for your trip. Enjoy - and post pictures! Have a great week ahead.

Susanne said...

Exciting about the Visa. Makes everything very real!

I love pics of babies awaiting their baths. So cute!

Gattina said...

Good that your visa arrived ! The baby awaiting it's bath is so cute !

Ann said...

Rhoda--maybe those B. kids did have cute little tushes, but we never got a picture that cute!

Willow said...

I hear ya on the relief of a school year finished. #lovemysummers

There is something so exciting about holding a new passport and visa! All those new adventures just waiting for you...