Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 5

Today was a quieter day, which was good because my knee, which has done fine until now, began giving me a lot of trouble again yesterday. So no long walks today helped. Andrew worked on the program for his coffeehouse concert tonight, and I read, wrote, and kept up with the laundry (which takes forever when you're doing five pieces at a time and waiting for it to dry). Andrew made a really good noodle and beef dish for lunch - he's got this oriental cooking thing well under control - and his co-worker Carolyn came over for lunch also.  
I've loved watching the magpies. In the American West they are considered nuisance birds--kind of like blackbirds to us in the east--but they are beautiful to watch, and they are common here. I also saw another new bird, but am not quite sure what it is. Hard to identify when so many birds are unfamiliar. I'll look for it again in the morning.
In the evening he had a concert at another coffee shop, this one much closer to where he lives than where we were last night for the English Corner. We took the motorbike to this one. I thought my life was ending when we crossed a major road at rush hour. I've got to get a picture of that motorbike before the end of this trip. A number of his students were at this concert, the last one before the school year ends. He did a number of songs of several types, including ones that share his beliefs. He included a couple of his students who sang with him on some of the songs.

We returned to his apartment so he could drop me off before he could go meet some students--and ran into Jackie in the lobby. She is an older lady from the British Isles who lives on the other side of the apartment building who has desired to come to China since she was ten years old when--get this--Gladys Aylward spoke at her school! Talk about a legacy! She came in and we talked for about an hour. She is a lovely and graceful representative of our Father in this place. 

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Deborah said...

Wow, Ann, the stories you will have on your return from China! Loving the updates! Brings back wonderful memories!