Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Fave Five, 8/29/14

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1. Last Saturday night we had a really, really nice meal, compliments of Mike's company.  He had done a special project along with several others, and was told he could take his wife out for a nice meal and turn in the receipt.  So we did.  And we just about committed the sin of gluttony.  We never get an appetizer, and we very rarely order dessert.  And we never get expensive menu items.  So it was a real treat, but we both felt kinda sick afterwards.  Just too much rich food.  But it was really good at the time!

2. ML's teaching so far is going very well and she loves it. Even though I know that not-so-good days will come (they always do) at least she has started out by knowing that she can do it and she is doing a good job.

3. Even though last night's football game was a big disappointment (huge loss for our team), we spent the evening with dear friends, and that is always nice.  And supper was pizza, wings, chips/dip, and cookies - no cooking required.

4. Andrew has a new apartment!  He just moved a few hours ago.  I am so glad his school chose to move them.  They were living in quarters at another university, in an older building.  The surroundings actually were nice; they were surrounded by woods and a garden, even though it is a college campus.  However, a good bit of the dirt/mold in his apartment was not because it was a man-cave; it was China dirt from sometime back.  Plaster was continually falling from the walls; there was no hot water in the kitchen; the bathroom needed work, etc.  Some of his Chinese friends came to help him move, and he showed them some of the football game on his computer.  This was the first time these young men (and one lady) had ever watched a football game!

5. A three-day weekend is upon us!!!  Which also means that next week is only four days long - the best part of a Monday-off three-day weekend.  I am so ready for the break.


Karen said...

It sounds like your family is off to a good start for the school year. The dinner out was such a thoughtful gesture. How nice.

Barbara H. said...

Glad ML is off to a good start!

We don't usually get appetizers, either, but I love a couple at Cheddar's! Usually if we get dessert we get it to go because we're usually stuffed after a restaurant meal. Quite often we end up bringing a good portion of the meal home as well. There are some entrees I look forward to having leftovers of at home for lunch the next day as much as I look forward to having it in the restaurant. Congrats to Mike on the job well done!

That's great that Andrew got a new place!

Melanie Lopata said...

I love a good meal but yea, sometimes you can eat til you feel sick. Um and pizza and wings sound WONDERFUL too!!

Glad Andrew got an apartment that is decent.

Willow said...

Mold and dirt are not good living companions. I'm glad your son has a better place to live now.

ML will be a great teacher and she has you as a resource :)