Friday, November 21, 2014


I have been thinking today of a young man whom I met a couple of months ago, and his wife whom I have never met.

He had been a teacher in China and had left a study Bible there which he needed, and since there was room in my suitcase, I brought it back to him.  We met him at the missions weekend we attended in September.

While in college, he met and married a girl from New Zealand who had come here for her education; they spent an additional year in another part of China.  I'm not sure of all the exact details, but when they flew back to the States from China, there was something wrong, a minor error in one line, on her visa or her visa application.  It was not discovered until they arrived in California.

She was not allowed to enter the country, so they had to fly to New Zealand.  He then had to return to the States because of a job obligation.  At this time she remains in New Zealand, awaiting approval from the INS about this minor point on her visa.

She was here with a good record for several years on a student visa; she is married to an American citizen, and yet she is not allowed to enter the United States.

I thought of this in reference to the blanket amnesty just given to millions of people who have illegally come into the country.  The situation is patently unfair and is simply not right.

Maybe she should get a ticket to Mexico and just cross the border.

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