Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veterans' Celebration

Today was our Veterans' Day celebration at school.  It was a big program and a big breakfast afterward for the visiting vets.  This is a great opportunity to show our students what patriotism is and to thank the people who have fought so that they can be free.

This year was especially good in that our speaker was a former POW in Korea - for almost three years. He had much to tell the young people, and they were listening closely.

Here are some of the displays in the lobby.  Anyone connected with our school or church could bring a picture of themselves or any family members who were involved in the military.  We always have a big assortment.

Dear friends, Allison and Carrie, daughters of other dear friends.  They brought the speaker, and Allison, on the left, introduced him during the program.  Always so good to be with them and anyone in their family.

"Attention, Salute, Pledge."  The high school choir is in the background and the speaker and introducer are in the foreground.  Our two administrators are on the right.  The little boy holding the American flag has active-duty parents.

And finally - my eighth grade choric speakers.  They did a great job!!  Very proud of them!!  

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Miriam said...

Lynn and I were privileged to attend this veteran's program and second everything Ann has said. To think that this exPOW could survive the atrocities inflicted upon him is amazing and reflects the mercy of our Lord. His presentation was extremely sobering; sadly such frightful treatment is being repeated regularly in Muslim areas. according to reports.