Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crazy Morning

Today was supposed to be really nice and simple - vocabulary exams in four of five classes should make for a quiet day.  However:

--1st period - students working well when an unexpected fire alarm goes off, and we spend ten minutes outside in the middle of class.  Turns out the alarms were being tested, but no one remembered to inform the high school that we could ignore the beeping.  So, the class was late for chapel (2nd period) so they could finish their exam.

--3rd period - Exams passed out; they work for about ten minutes when someone says "I think you gave us the eighth grade exam."  (This was the ninth grade.)  They were right.  Why couldn't someone have said something right away?  So exams were unusable for either grade because they'd been written on.  I replaced with the proper ones, but we'll have to do the spelling part tomorrow as they ran out of time.

--4th period - Seniors were late because chapel ran long, which caused their calculus exam to start late.  It was a very long one, so they were thus very late to my class.  I had to keep them over from my class also.  Fortunately their 5th period class wasn't critical and they could be late.

The rest of the day was a little simpler.  A former student came by and ended up talking to the juniors last period.  Always nice to see a former student who has matured and has a sense of what God has for his life. 

But the morning was crazy!!

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