Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Postal Rant

I received this in the mail the other day.  All that is left of the envelope which I mailed is that shred in the upper left-hand corner, enclosed in the larger envelope (the other side is cellophane).

The envelope says:  

WE CARE - US Postal Service

Dear Valued Postal Customer:

I want to extend my sincere apology as your Postmaster for the enclosed document that was inadvertently damaged in handling by your Postal Service.

We are aware how important your mail is to you.  With that in mind, we are forwarding it to you in an expeditious fashion.

The United States Postal Service handles over 202 billion pieces of mail each year.  While each employee makes a concerted effort to process, without damage, each piece of mail, an occasional mishap does happen.

We are constantly working to improve our processing methods so that these incidents will be eliminated.  You can help us greatly in our efforts if you will continue to properly prepare and address each letter or parcel that you enter into the mailstream.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding and sincerely regret any inconvenience that you have experienced.

Now, I know that accidents can happen.  However, what irritates me is that the piece is returned to me with an "I'm sorry this happened."  

A couple of summers ago, I mailed an eBay package that got mangled in a postal machine in Washington State.  It took weeks for it to be returned, and then with a similar apology as above.  I hadn't bought insurance, so therefore the responsibility was mine.  I had to refund the person's money, yet had no books back to sell again.

It seems to me that by buying a stamp I am buying a promise of delivery.  The need for insurance ought to be reserved for very valuable things.  At the very least, the post office did not provide what I had paid for, and the cost of postage - even of a first class letter - ought to be refunded!

End of rant.

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