Saturday, February 14, 2015

"His Love"

This is the song Andrew wrote during the dark days of last winter in China.  He recorded it at our church last Monday.  He then played with it in GarageBand here at home to add the harmonies to it as well.  However - we were getting supper ready as he was doing that, so there are some occasional background noises, especially toward the end.  He told me I can upload it as long as I put in the disclaimer that it is not a professional recording!  There is also a fairly long delay - maybe 10 seconds - before the song begins, so do not think it isn't working if you don't hear it at first.

The only way I can upload audio clips is to import them into iMovie and play with them there, before exporting to be uploaded.  I had hoped to put in a collage of China pictures, but am hopelessly lost in iMovie and have to keep it as simple as possible.  Therefore - when this one picture worked, it stayed.  I took it as we were returning to Andrew's apartment one afternoon.  These are the workers at the fine dining restaurant that is in front of his old apartment.  They are apparently having a break, and are grilling skewers of chicken hearts and other meats on a small charcoal hibachi.  This is a common way of grilling in his area.  I liked the artistry of how it turned out, even though when it was taken, it was only meant to be a snapshot of Chinese life.

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