Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 3/20/15

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This is being written the day before - because tomorrow I will be on a marathon 16-hour day to the Fine Arts Festival with our school.  But I will set it to post on Friday.

1. Well, many years a group of students will come and say "Will you please help us work up a dramatic piece for the Fine Arts Festival?"  And I think of ideas, then agree to help them - and then remember that that means that I have to GO to the Fine Arts Festival, in a city two hours from here.  Tomorrow is the day.  But, it's also a privilege to go to watch these students, most of whom have worked very hard, perform, and I know that it means a lot to them to have teachers there.

2. Sale of a lot of eBay books recently.  Our ChildCare had a whole shelf of unused ABeka workbooks that would not be used because of a curriculum change.  So I sold them - as usual, most of them went quickly - and split the profits.  They get rid of books they don't need - they get $$ for their special fund - I get a little $$ for my effort, and my Paypal account gets built up.  Frankly, I love the "high" of an eBay sale.  Kinda crazy, but it's fun to watch the feedback build up, as well as to have "fun money" in Paypal, so that if something comes up that I would like to buy, the $$ is in there to spend and not feel guilty about.

3. Made stuffed peppers last weekend, and had enough for several lunches for me and also for daughter who loves them.  She always appreciates having a few lunches for her workweek, so it's fun to have a few to give to her.  And this week there were enough for four lunches for her!!  (Maybe I went a little overboard on the stuffed peppers. . .)

4. Out to eat with dear friends last Friday night.  We do not see as much of them since they changed churches, but we still try to get together from time to time.  

5. A pot of soup from my mom for after the root canal this afternoon.  This is being written pre-root canal, but I'm assuming that it will follow through as she has offered!


Barbara H. said...

I need to get going on ebay - have some stuff I would like to try to sell there but need to figure out what's involved, and also set up my Paypal account to receive money.

You're having a root canal the day before the Fine Arts festival? That's brave. I hope all goes well and both ventures are a success. Friday sounds like a very long day!

I love leftovers for lunch. I haven't really amended the amount I cook since the older guys left home for that reason - we usually use up leftovers eventually, and my favorite thing for lunch is just to be able to pop something leftover in the microwave.

Faith said...

Yay for leftovers for lunch!! I did that this week with leftover Shepherds Pie made with ground bison (we no longer eat beef). it was delish! I hope all went well with your root canal and the arts festival....and I hope you get to have a nice restful weekend!!

Willow said...

Root canal AND a trip to the fine arts festival? You're amazing! My hubby works with the Performing Arts dept at his university (for fun and a little cash) as the lighting director. I reap the benefit of attending the shows. This year it's Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Leftovers at our house are called 'planned overs'-- we love them, too.