Sunday, April 12, 2015


Everybody loves spring.  Everybody talks about how it's so nice to be done with winter, and see the flowers, and get outside again.

I don't like spring.   Spring means we are heading into the hot summer.

Pastels are not my colors AT ALL.  Fall and winter colors are great.  The oranges of fall, and the bright Christmas colors - Even stark January and February landscapes (especially when red cardinals are present) are beautiful.  

The thin smells of wisteria and other spring flowers announce the pollen season, which means yellow powder is everywhere.  But the smells of autumn, Christmas, and winter are invigorating.

I feel better in cold weather.  In the spring, though the pollen doesn't cause congestion problems, I truly believe that it affects my autoimmune system.

Most people seem to disagree.  That's fine.  But fall and winter are better!  

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Barbara H. said...

I'm glad God gave us a variety so we can each have our favorites. :-)