Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday's Fave Five 5/1/15

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1. A fresh haircut and then supper with my dear friend Gretchen last night.  Always a special treat to spend time with her!  We've been friends for 30+ years.  You don't get many sweet relationships like that in life.

2. I put together the information for a field trip and passed it out to my sophomores this morning.  And they were ecstatic!  We're going to the Biltmore House in ten days.  You never know how students are going to receive the information, but they thought it was great.

3. Had a nice 20-minute phone conversation on Tuesday night with a former student from many years ago who is now a school administrator in Guam.  It's so fun to see how these little junior highers I taught so long ago have grown up and are doing so well in their adult years.

4. Made a broccoli cornbread this week.  I had forgotten how good that is!

5. I wrote earlier this week about seeing this beautiful rose-breasted grosbeak at our feeder.  We've now had four sightings of it, and five other people in this part of the state have told me they've seen one also.  They are strictly migrants through the state, but apparently we are having quite an influx this year.  Such a beautiful bird!!


Barbara H. said...

I have never heard of broccoli cornbread. Interesting!

Glad you got to get together with your friend! And to hear from former students - what fun.

Susanne said...

Broccoli cornbread sounds delicious! And that bird is beautiful. How neat to see a new bird at your feeder. I love birds. A 30 year friendship is indeed a rare and lovely gift.

Willow said...

It's always a good sign when the students are enthusiastic about the field trip--or anything else.
I love seeing the bird photos! It inspires me to learn more about the birds which are in my area.