Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 6/12/15

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1. I am really pumped about textbooks.  Sounds weird for June, doesn't it.  We really need to update some of our textbooks at school - and the $$ is already being stretched very far.  Well, I have made almost $700 selling books that we are no longer using.  Someone has donated a generous amount to help with getting new books or getting paperbacks converted to hardbacks.  My father is helping to tape up and refurbish textbooks that just need some new life or some preventative maintenance.  He is working really, really hard to help with this project.  And just now, I found 13 NEW copies of a chemistry text that we need, on Amazon, for a very reasonable price, so was able to snap them up with $$ I just made selling books.  I really, really love getting the textbooks updated with the help of others and seeing how God is making it happen on a shoestring of finances!!

2. My dear friend Nancy and I drove to a nearby town to check out textbooks at a bookstore there, this morning.  We had lunch at a neat place - "Chicken Salad Chick."  I have never heard of it before, but discovered that it is franchised all over the south.  It had great food and even better atmosphere.  It's made clear that this is a place for women for lunch, and there were really funny sayings on the walls.  Some examples:

"I would like to pass along one of my mother's southern subtleties:  "Shuga, wouldn't you feel bettah with a little lipstick on?"

"My mother always taught me that there are two things we enjoy but never talk about:  mayonnaise and money."

"There is no reason to be ugly or hurt anyone's feelings.  We will be happy to always pretend that your mother's chicken salad is the best."

There were a lot more, but I can't find them on the internet.  Anyway - we had a lovely time.

3. ML's birthday was last Friday, and on Sunday we had a nice dinner with my folks and with our friends the McDonalds, who have also been wonderful friends to ML ever since ML was in her fourth-grade class.  We had the traditional porcupine meatballs, along with Swedish meatballs from my mom, and all the sides including Mom's buttermilk chocolate cake.
4. Today I picked up some medicine for my husband, and the woman who waited on me is the mother of one of ML's students this year.  She said some sweet things about how much her son liked ML's class.  It always does a mother's heart good - especially a teacher mother - to hear that her teacher daughter is doing well.  

5. And finally - When you feed sunflower seeds to the birds all winter, this is what you get in the summer!!  Mike calls it "the jungle," but I love it.  :-)


Dianna said...

LOVED reading your #4! I can relate. :)

Thank you so much for sharing your blessings from this week. It's been fun to visit with you.

Barbara H. said...

Wow, so neat about the textbooks! Belated happy birthday to ML - it's wonderful she's doing so well with her classes and is loved by her students.

I've never heard of that restaurant. Sounds fun - will have to look it up and see if there are any nearby.

Glad you're feeling better!

Barbara H. said...

Just looked up the restaurant - looks like the closest to us is Chattanooga. :-( Maybe they'll come this way some time.

Susanne said...

What a lovely picture of you and your daughter! Some of those sayings were really cute. Sounds like it was a wonderful time. And way to go on getting those deals on textbooks and being able to sell the old ones. You sound like a very dedicated teacher!!