Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 7/10/15

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1. I have had a nice, quiet, week, with lots of time to clean out files, drawers, and other things around this house.  I love this kind of week.

2. Made it to the gym four times this week.  Not good for lower back pain, but good for everything else.

3. Son is having a wonderful time touring Germany while staying with friends he met in China.  He's been sending lots of pics to my phone.  What a world traveler.  They offered to get his ticket changed (they would pay) if he would stay for three weeks and tour Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc., with them in their RV!  What a life.

4. BLT sandwiches.  Need I say anything more?  But also - I have discovered avocados and have found that a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado, with lemon juice and a little olive oil drizzled onto it, is delicious and does not need any additional dressing.  Add a scoop of cottage cheese and maybe a half a dozen ham chunks, and it is a meal.

5. We cleaned out the "jungle" some last weekend.  That's the place where volunteer sunflower seeds sprouted and grew underneath our bird feeders.  It looks much better, but also makes me a little sad, because the birds were coming to that tangled, easy-to-hide-in area, almost as much as they come to the feeders last winter.  I am also amazed that suet is going faster in the summer than it does in the winter.  I have really enjoyed feeding the birds during the summer this year - this is a first.  Usually I stop about March or April.  It's been a source of enjoyment.


Barbara H. said...

So did he go with them? :-) My husband would love that kind of thing.

I've had a quiet week, too - much enjoyed.

Kudos for making it to the gym four times!

Ann said...

Yes, he's going. Since he was born, and wouldn't sleep lest he would miss out on something, he has ALWAYS gone where the action is!! :-)

Karen said...

What a great trip for your son! Good for him for taking on another three weeks. Love your #4. BLT's are a favorite around here. The salad sounds delicious.

Have a good weekend, Ann.

Susanne said...

Wow, lots of great adventures for your son! Good for you for getting to the gym that often. Hope your back starts to feel better.