Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday's Fave Five 7/31/15

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1. I got good results from a medical test last Tuesday - one that required advance preparation that was no fun.  But it's over, and everything from that test is clear.

2. My daughter got her deer head back from the taxidermist's shop yesterday.  (She got the buck on the last ten minutes of the last day of deer season last winter.) We brought it home but it is going to her apartment in just a few minutes.  It has a huge spread - larger than any my husband has even gotten over the years!!  She is very excited about it.  I never thought I'd have a deer-hunting daughter!

3. I've been working on a couple of Operation Christmas Child boxes this week.  Once the school year hits it's harder to get things like that done.  I got these little dolls for the boxes and had a pretty, little-girlish skein of yarn in my bag - so decided to make some little blankets for the dolls.  I thought they turned out really cute.  (One still to be made.)

4. Son is safely home from China and Europe He's off on a trip to explore a possibility for his future this weekend.  But it's good to have him back in the USA.

5. Son and husband have been working very hard to get the pool open, since their mom would like to get in at least a little swimming before the end of the summer.  It's turned out to be a disaster.  We didn't open it last summer due to my China trip and knee surgery.  Therefore it has been incubating algae for two years now.  It's never been in such bad shape.  It's taking a lot of time and work to get it cleaned up, but I am thankful for their efforts.  


Barbara H. said...

Glad your test came out well!

Wow, what a deer head! Her excitement is justifiable!

I didn't know your son was coming back to the US! I know it is so good to have him home and hope the possibility about his future is helpful.

That little blanket is cute.

Hope the pool gets cleaned out in order to use it before fall. I can only imagine what a job that is and what must've been lurking there!

Faith said...

yay for the good medical report. BOO to the deer hunting!!! NOT cool. ( my dad was a hunter forma few years for the meat when he was unemployed). Im generally against it. Hope you get to enjoy your pool.....only about 6-7 more weeks of summer and then autumn begins!

Willow said...

Hurray for the good results on that medical test.
Sweet little blankets for those dollies. The kids will love them!
Glad your boy is home and I hope the exploration trip this weekend will be successful.

Anonymous said...

I am working on a few occ shoeboxes too. I never thought to make a blanket for when I include a dolly. Thanks for the idea.

Hurray for your chikdren's "successes." It us interesting to see where their interests will take them. Like I never thought I would have a daughter who has an ambition to be a long distance motorcycle rider.

I hope the pool is properly cleaned out this week so you can get to enjoying it.