Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 11/20/15

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1. Last week was incredibly busy - I was once again assisting our school speech teacher with our annual play.  That meant two days of getting to the downtown theater for practice, and three straight evenings (after teaching all day on two of them) of sitting backstage and prompting.  And, foolishly, I scheduled a field trip for the one day that the play was not a factor.  But it was an excellent week - the students did great - and it was a fun production of Cheaper by the Dozen.

2. And this week has been incredibly productive.  I've had lots of projects going but have had the time to get them all done, and have enjoyed them as well.  I love to execute new ideas.  Too bad that most of life is spent doing more mundane things!!  :-)

3. I am down two more pounds.  Already I can feel the difference of 17 fewer pounds on my bad knee.

4. The piano tuner came this week and got our piano in good working order.  It hadn't been tuned in ___ years.  (The number is too high to admit it in public.)  The damper pedal had not been working right, which is what finally precipitated my calling a tuner and getting it fixed.  It plays great now, and getting a tuner has already forced me to also organize the pile of music that's been on the piano for quite awhile.

5. Mike has been home on vacation all week and has been getting much accomplished on the new patio out back where the pool was.  He's getting estimates right now for labor and materials.  When he does something like that, he always gets it done well.

It's been a good week!


Gattina said...

Quite a busy week for you !

Barbara H. said...

Wow, what a busy week! Glad you came through it well. I know what you mean about loving to get things done but having to spend so much time on the everyday.

Faith said...

yay formtuned's funny but i was JUST telling my daughters today that once our new flooring is put in after the holidays( we are getting bamboo in our living room like we did in our family room) and the piano is moved back, we MUST get it tuned. its been over 10 years for me!!! glad your play went well and that you got stuff done. enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Susanne said...

Plays are a lot of work but so enjoyable and a great accomplishment for everyone involved! Congrats on two more pounds. Your weight loss is also a great accomplishment. Today I was carrying a 17 1/2 pound bag of rice up the stairs from the basement and I could hardly believe I used to lug that around on my frame 24/7 less than a year ago. How did I ever manage to do anything?