Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday's Fave Five, 12/18/15

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This is actually being written on Thursday, as the next 36 hours will be a zoo. Finish the day, make cookie dough for tomorrow and bars for tonight, all-school Christmas program tonight, half-day school tomorrow, then my homeroom is coming to my house for a party.  Then I will be completely, totally spent.  So I will write this today and then set it to upload tomorrow morning.

1. I had a very nice birthday on Tuesday.  We went out to a nice restaurant on Monday night; I got many remembrances on Tuesday; and Andrew bought and repaired a doorknob that night after I went to bed.  Some people may scoff at practical presents; I love them!!

2. I read recently that the lesson plan for all teachers for the week before Christmas is:
  • Scrape students off the ceiling.
  • Repeat.
and that is really true.  But it has been a good week.  Spirits are very high, and we have a good group of students here, so it's a good thing.

3. Our neighbor Dawn gave us a beautiful poinsettia that is gracing the center of our kitchen table.  It is huge - I've never had such a big one.  That was really kind of her.  

4. I got to play for a quartet on Sunday Morning - "Oh, What a Savior" - and it was really fun.  Really fun.  Sometimes playing is stressful; sometimes it is fun.  This was fun.  :-) 

5. And finally, the lady who helps me once a month bought my elliptical--and it wasn't even actively for sale.  It's been sitting on the porch ever since we filled in the pool and took everything out of the pool house (thinking we were going to sell the house).  She posted on FB that she was looking for one.  I don't use it much; I prefer going to the gym.  So she bought it.  A little extra Christmas $$ in the pocket--

Merry Christmas!!!


Barbara H. said...

By now your busy couple of days is probably done - hope everything went well and you have a relaxing evening in an easy chair. :-)

So glad you had a wonderful birthday!

Neat about the elliptical! We're pondering a membership for the coming year at a fitness center connected with a nearby hospital. Since I have some balance issues, I'd be eager to try some of that equipment in that setting and see whether it works for me. I'd prefer to exercise at home, but I'm thinking that knowing that we're paying for a membership might spur more participation than usual. Our insurance will pay a little bit towards it, so that helps.

Karen said...

Haha! I love the lesson plan!

Merry Christmas, Ann.

Susan said...

Happy belated birthday greetings. I love practical gifts and acts of service! So glad your day was special.

That poinsettia is beautiful. My daughter bought me one, too. I don't know what I'll do with it after the holiday. What do you do? I live in an apartment complex, but it seems a shame to throw it away.

Your lesson plans was so reasonable! And getting a laugh or two out of it doesn't hurt.

Hurray on enjoying playing in the quartet.

I wish you a very merry Christmas.

Ann said...

Susan - I usually manage to kill all poinsettias by the end of the holiday season. :-)

Faith said...

HOpefully, now that it is Saturday evening, you are having a much more relaxed weekend! Christmas is a crazy time in the classroom.....our K students have been a bit hyper...haha...but they too are a great bunch of kids....

Happy belated birthday! (mine was the 9th, a good friend the 15th, my sister the 16th, my other good friend the 18th and my youngest is monday the 21st.:))

it's a month of celebrations culminating in THE Most important Birth of all.....our Redeemer Jesus! Merry Christmas!!

Nog Blog said...

"Oh What a Savior!" I love that song! Playing it, singing it, listening to it! And nothing better than a men's quartet. I'm sure it was a blessing to everyone!

Willow said...

Have you recovered yet from that crazy schedule? I hope you've had lots of rest and sleep. And now for vacation time!
Happy belated birthday to you!
Oh, I understand the 'it's stressful, it's fun' difference!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Susanne said...

A very happy belated birthday to you, Ann! Sounds like it was lovely! I don't mind practical gifts at all! Merry Christmas to you and your family!