Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Misc.

--We had three nice Christmases - two with Mike's family and one with mine.  Always nice to see family once again.

--I took my sister to the airport this afternoon.  We met Andrew and his girlfriend at an Atlanta Bread Company for lunch first, which was nice.  She got safely on her way, while I went into town to a bookstore I always like to visit.  A waste of time and gasoline - it is closed until Monday, January 4.  So I came back home, and made a detour to take a huge bag of stuff to my favorite thrift store, one run by Mennonites to support an orphanage in the Caribbean.  (It's clean, well-organized, and well-run.  And I can usually find decent skirts there.)  I noticed ominously that there were no cars in the parking lot.  Sure enough - closed until Monday, January 4.

--Each Sunday for months I have faithfully cut out the Sunday crossword from the comics in the newspaper, and since it has been a very busy semester, I just "filed" them on a stack on the bottom shelf of the end table.  This vacation I've started doing some of them.  The one I finished yesterday was quite interesting--the long clues all were about various things that are "not found online."  For instance - "Poe story not found online?" or "Rink group not found online?"  etc.  And the first few answers I got (in these cases, "The Purloined Letter" and "Curling team") oddly had letters missing.  Then I realized--the answer to all of the answers was that "URL" was missing.  All the answers contained the letters URL somewhere.  Either someone is incredibly clever or someone has too much time on his hands to make up crosswords.

--If you have too much time on your hands:  Some of the other clues were "Rare plants not found online?"  "Coffee bean holders not found online?"  "Stitch pattern not found online?""Alien greeting not found online?"  "Hard candies not found online?"  I'll put the answers at the end.

--I love rain.  I love to sleep to the sound of rain.  But it is incredible the amount of rain we have had this fall.  It is better than drought.  But it is a lot of rain.

--Several things to get done this week.  I have a fleece blanket to sew (one that matches our bed better than the USC Gamecocks that I throw on top of it now, when needed), some cherry jam to make, Christmas stuff to get put away, and several other small projects.  But this is a great week for such things.  I love this week every year.

--Finally--the Christmas card that did not get out as early as it should have.  So--Happy New Year!!

Answers to above: Fo(ur l)eaf clovers, B(url)ap sacks, Knit one p(url) two, Take me to yo(ur l)eader, and So(ur l)emon drops.  Clever!

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Barbara H. said...

I think that would have been a very hard puzzle to figure out!

Unfortunately all the various businesses my family works for are open this week, but my husband is taking off tomorrow through the end of the week. It's odd the thrift store would be closed - a lot of people clean stuff out at the end of the year to get the tax break before Jan. 1. That's on my agenda this week, so I hope ours is open.