Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 2/12/16

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A lot of nice things happened this week!

 1. Last Friday night, we went to the nearest Apple store, about 40 miles away, and I got a new MacBook Pro!!  It is a wonderful new toy.  The old MacBook I'd been using was S-O-O-O slow.  This thing races along.  It should serve me well for a long time.

 2. Last Saturday morning we had a brunch in honor of my dad's 86th birthday.  This pic is of my parents, siblings, and spouses.  Several grandchildren were there also.  My youngest sister did most of the cooking and it was a great spread!
 3. This wasn't actually me, but I love it.  Mike was able to go to our daughter's classroom this week and do some demonstrations about electricity for them.  He drove to his work and got a lot of demonstration materials from the training center.  Daughter said the kids loved it - not surprising.  I'm just so proud of both of them!!
 4. Andrew's been working in Columbia all week, so one night Mike drove down and the two of them went to a Gamecocks basketball game.  It turned out to be a very exciting game and they had a wonderful time together.  Mike just stayed in Andrew's hotel room that night, so it was an enjoyable time all around with no pressure to drive home late at night.  (And I enjoyed the peace and quiet at home. . .)

If you look carefully in the picture below, you can see the two of them cheering.  I snapped this off the DVR recording when Mike found the two of them tonight!

5. WINTER BREAK.  I had Open House last night, and the trade-off is that we get Friday and Monday for a long weekend.  I'll take that trade-off any week!!  I am so looking forward to getting some rest as have been about half under the weather this week.  And we are supposed to go out with good friends for dinner tonight--always nice.


Joyce said...

Visiting from the Friday Fave Five today...looks like we are in nearby geography, but Clemson territory : )And I was a teacher once upon a time, and have a teacher daughter too. It is so much fun to see them in their classroom, isn't it? Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

i had to chuckle atypur comment about how do i get my husband to wTch romantic coms with me?? it is usually HIM who wants to watch them!!! but only if it involves a very good actor or actress😀❤️ I usually do NOT like them as I think most are salpy like romance books BUT i LOVE certain ones and my fave movies are historical fiction and dramas or British films. You have a great list of faves here! How fun that your husband got to visit your daughter's classroom! it is always fun when the kids see mom and dad meeting their teachers and other students. today we had 4 parents show up for our valentines party in the K classroom.....we had fun. sadly, one of the little boys I work with didnt have his mom made him sad.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

A quiet evening is indeed a pleasure.

Whenever I come over here and see that beautiful photo in your header, it just makes me take a deep breath and smile. Lovely picture of the seashore.

ellen b said...

How nice to see so many around your dad at his birthday celebration. Special moments. He looks in great shape! Enjoyed reading your faves. Have a good weekend!

Barbara H. said...

What a great week! Glad you have some time off this weekend. It's great all your family could get together for your dad's birthday, and great he is still doing so well. Looks like the classroom demonstration went great. Fun about the game!

Willow said...

How fun to see your guys at the game on TV!
I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your Monday off today. My hubby is teaching until 9pm tonight.
Happy Birthday to your dad!!