Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 7/1/16

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1. Wonderful trip to Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, and Maine.  The puffin cruise, last Saturday, is written about in detail here.  And in a day or two, as time allows, I will post more pictures of the other parts of our trip.  This is one of the pictures taken on Machias Seal Island with my new camera.  So pleased with the quality.

2. Lots of lobster!  I informed Mike that I planned to eat lobster every day.  And that promise worked out.  I can't get enough of the stuff.  This is a half-eaten "lazy lobster" meal.  Meaning - the staff picked it out of the shell and all I had to do was eat it.  This was our last meal in Maine, so I decided to do it up right.

 3. The view from our cottage on Grand Manan Island.  That is an inlet off the Bay of Fundy.  We could see the ferry as it crossed back and forth several times a day.

4. Southwest Airlines.  Their philosophy of travel is different, and it shows.  First of all, our fares were unbelievable - TWO tickets for a total of $408.  That's round trip, and the good price on the fare was the main reason we were able to take this trip.  

Then, when our flight from Baltimore to Manchester, NH, was canceled due to weather, we were able to re-route into Portland, ME, which was actually closer, and was a through flight on the plane we were already on.  However, our luggage was already checked through to go to Manchester, where it would have gone on a later flight.  Mike talked to a flight attendant, who talked to the pilot, about keeping our luggage on the plane.  During the stop in Baltimore, we could see out our window the pilot talking to the luggage crew and making sure our luggage was not put on the transfer cart.  Now that is service!!

Furthermore, on Monday morning, a reservations clerk named Rita helped us to get an earlier flight on the return trip.  There was no fee to change the reservation, and she was able to honor our original fare.

That's the way airlines ought to serve their customer base.

5. Home Sweet Home - Trips are great, and coming home is even better.

And that is my Friday's Fave Five from a very good week!


Barbara H. said...

Wow, what a wonderful week all around! So glad you had such a great trip and superb service from the airline. And I agree, no matter where the trip, coming home is always the best part.

Schotzy said...

What a marvelous trip... I love Maine.. we were there a couple of years ago in the autumn as we travelled New England enjoying the color... Our children live in MA and we try to take in some part of Ne during most visits as we live in the mid- Atlantic. Your Puffin Cruise must have been amazing.. Love Puffins...I purposefully waved to them as we toured Ireland last spring as I knew where they would be, but never saw one! So gald we at least got to see some at the Boston Aquarium.I really enjoyed my visit on your blog today.. have a great holiday weekend!

Faith said...

sounds like a wonderful trip. my husband has to travel often for work and he has often praised Southwest.

we have on our bucket list to visit the Bay of Fundy sometime!! ( my husband went as a kid).

so glad you got to eat the lobster!

enjoy your weekend and Happy Independence Day

Karen said...

What a wonderful trip. Love the idea of lazy lobster! As much as I dislike flying, I agree that Southwest is the way to go if you have to.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great trip and many airlines could learn a thing or two (or more!) from the one you used. I think I'd definitely enjoy the lazy style lobster.

ellen b said...

Hi Ann! What a nice trip. I've had good experiences with Southwest, too, when flights have had to be changed. Instead of charging me they credited me on one of my changes due to weather. I have this part of our country on my list of places to visit. Time will tell. The Puffins are so cute and that lobster meal looks delicious! I'll have to make note of Grand Manan if Lord willing we can travel here. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Susanne said...

What a great looking trip. Going to the east of Canada is on my bucket list. I was just talking to another lady who went to Nova Scotia and was bragging on the wonderful sea food she ate.