Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Regarding The Election

Like many people, I am conflicted about the election.  Out of 17 candidates a year ago, the man who got the Republican nomination would have been my 17th choice to come out on top.  So what to do!!  I am glad that there are still over three months until time to vote.  Much will happen between now and then to clarify the decisions to be made.

However, there is still much to contemplate even now.  I am conservative in views, and want the candidate most in line with those views to win.  I believe we are at a big tipping point in our country. Here are some items I have read, viewed, and pondered in the past few days:

***Matt Herbster from the Wilds wrote:

Not voting for Trump? Please be okay with people who are. Hillary is a big deal. 
Voting for Trump? Please be okay with people who aren't. A conscience is a big deal. 
Christian first. American second.

***And the following woman, Joy Sexton, issued this emotional plea as a comment to the above statement on Facebook:

As a Christ follower, as the wife of a hard working man, as a mother of many, as mother of a former Airman, as a female concerned about the future of America, as a mom of children both involved in ministry and the business world and as a citizen of this world who believes that Christ saved me to be His temple, bringing His glory into every situation of this world, I am a Trump supporter in 2016. I did not jump on any train during the primaries, watched the debates with my children, researched everything I heard in the media and then began doing my own listening to the candidates themselves. I believe with every fiber in my being that a third party vote hands this election to Hillary Clinton and I believe with every fiber in my being that she is the embodiment of everything we believe to be evil! There is not, nor has there ever been a perfect political candidate. I don't think any of us really know how many true Christian candidates there have ever been. I cannot base my vote on whether or not the candidate says he/she is a believer. I also cannot expect unbelievers to adhere to my convictions. What I must do is make my voice heard and my vote count - and sometimes it is AGAINST what is inherently evil. I also cannot base my choice on whether or not someone ever changed their minds on issues - and I would hope that grace would be extended to me over the years as I learn, grow and change. At what point do we extend grace to political candidates? I listened to every moment of the Republican National Convention and I like much of what I heard. I respect much of what I heard and I will be casting my vote for TRUMP2016 because I have HOPE that with his presidency, I as a Christ follower will have a few more years to SCREAM Jesus to this world. I fear that with Hillary I will not! Please, Please don't give this election to her.

***I found this link from TownHall to be interesting.  Have not studied it carefully yet, but the writer does make some good points.

***As they have been to many people, Trump's put-downs and crude comments have been offensive to me.  Is that enough to prevent a vote?  I was listening to Dennis Prager a few days ago, and he said (this is a loose quotation):  "There are things I don't like about Trump either.  He has been vile toward and critical of people in ways he wouldn't have needed to be.  He's said vicious things.  But he is the package we have been given.  He is our only alternative to a Hillary presidency."

***I liked much of what I heard at the Republican convention.  And I especially liked what Trump had to say about Israel.  He made it clear he is a supporter of "our only ally in the Middle East."  That has to bear some consideration.

***In a state like mine, which is very red, this may not make a difference.  But I think about a state like Ohio, or North Carolina, or Florida, which can go either way.  What if the election is very close in electoral votes, and, say, 5000 voters stay home because they don't like the Republican nominee.  What if that tips the state toward the Democratic column, which tips the entire election that direction?  

***And one more thing.  I recognize that Ted Cruz was very much the champion of many conservative Christians interested in this race.  But his behavior at the convention really disappointed me.  By speaking, but refusing to endorse the candidate, or even suggest to his followers to vote for the nominee, he did not come off as a strong independent thinker.  He came off as a sore loser.  

If you lost, and don't like the winner--just don't come to the convention.  That's what a number of former candidates chose to do.  But don't come and be a party pooper like he did.

***Some people would say that voting for "the lesser of two evils" is pragmatism.  Is that so--or is it realism?

I pray for clarity in the next few months!!


Barbara H. said...

I have been conflicted, too. Trump was not my first choice, and he has some bad qualities, but he does have some good ones as well. I do think a third party vote or write-in vote would give Hillary the election by splitting the conservative votes, so that weighs heavily. No candidate has ever been 100% perfect or 100% in line with every view of mine - I think some Christians are just waiting for the latter, and it will just never happen.

One Facebook friend pointed out Bible characters who did their best by working with what they were given in governmental leadership (Daniel, Joseph, Esther) (tried to find the exact quote but either I am forgetting where it was or it has been taken down). Of course, they didn't have a choice in their government and we do. I very much like having that choice but it's not always easy to know how to use it. But after listening to Elizabeth Warren in particular last night, I feel more strongly than ever that we need to vote in such a way that a Democrat is not in the White House again.

Ann said...

Barbara - I agree!! No one will ever be 100% what we want. And I appreciate the mention of the Bible characters.

Anonymous said...

These are also helpful:





Honestly I don't care for Obama, but I can honestly say my life isn't any worse than it was eight years ago when he took office. With a Republican majority in congress Hillary won't be able to do much. With Trump in office the Republicans will be torn between voting against their party when they disagree with trump, or voting for what he proposes just to keep a united front and keep their places in congress.

I believe that 4-8 years of a Trump presidency will be more destructive to our country than 4-8 years of a Hillary presidency. When Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin both endorse a candidate that is a very real warning sign. Hillary has more of a spiritual record than Trump does as well: http://www.factcheck.org/2016/06/we-know-plenty-about-clintons-religion/

Ann said...

Anonymous - Your life under Obama might not have changed that much, but that doesn't mean that the overall trajectory of our country hasn't changed dramatically. I can't say that a Trump presidency wouldn't also be destructive - who knows - but Hillary has lied too many times and has too bad of a track record for me to ever support her.

There are arguments pro and con about Trump. I'm not settled either way about him yet. However, I cannot ever vote for Hillary with all I've seen in the past 25 years.

Thanks for the links also. I'll try to look at them in the next few days.