Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 8/12/16

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--Tuesday, the last day of summer vacation, I was out shopping and went near our local Kohl's store.  Since two students had given me a gift card for Kohl's last spring, and since I did need a couple of new tops to start the school year, it seemed like the right time to stop in there.  Well - they have a wonderful clearance rack.  I found NINE pieces (for all seasons, not all to wear now), and after using the money on the gift card, which was not a particularly huge amount, the final tally was $63.00.  What made it even nicer was, when after the clerk gave me the total, she then looked around to see if anyone was close by, and then whispered, "Get out your iPhone and go to - there's a 15% off coupon on there you can use."  Now that is a great sales clerk.

--My daughter, who knows I love birds, gave me this lovely cup to take to school this year!

--Not sure how I found out about this - I think just by googling "The Hawaiians," but I found the address of someone who sells these long-out-of-production CDs by this couple whose music I really loved during early college days.  The gentleman took Paypal, so after ordering, in three days this CD was in my hand.  It really brought back memories.

--Yesterday was a long day of getting ready for school.  Mike knew that, and by the time I got home, he was making BLTs for supper - and insisted on cleaning up also.  He is such a good man--

--School is getting underway.  I have a good schedule, a good homeroom, and my last class of the day will only have nine students.  Nice!!


Patti said...

Nine pieces of clothing for $63 (less 15%) is pretty good, I'd say. How kind of the saleslady to be on the lookout to help her customers save a bit of money. I've had that happen in Penney's. The salespeople keep a pile of coupons near the register, and then they give one to me if I don't happen to have one with me.

Nice cup from your daughter. You know, of course, that means there's no longer an excuse to not drink more water.

BLT's are so yummy. And to have someone else make them and then clean up the mess is a real treat.

Visiting from FFF,

Faith said...

wow!!! you really scored well at Kohls! i like shopping there for Xmas gifts!

we go back 4 weeks from yesterday and the kindergarten students go back 4 weeks from today up here in NY. I cant imagine going back while summer is still going strong. 6 more weeks until autumn!

that coffee travel mug is adorable! i posted about a bird cup this week too!!

happy weekend and good luck with your new students. what grade and class do you teach??

rk2 said...

I remember that record long before CDs were around!

Score, Mary Lee--a very nice cup.

Barbara H. said...

Wow - great finds at Kohl's, and what a great clerk!

Nice cup! Your husband is so thoughtful, and it sounds like your school year is off to a great start.

Willow said...

Cute cup! Perfect for keeping you hydrated in the classroom.
Hmmmm, that is a great deal you got at Kohl's...maybe I should start shopping there. I think I've been in Kohl's maybe twice in my life.