Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Misc. 8/8/16

--I've been doing a lot of selling on eBay this summer, and am amazed at how some people want you to sell them something for nothing.  I put several auctions on "Make an offer" in addition to the price that was listed, and had more than one person want to offer about (can't remember exactly about the various auctions) $5 for a book that was listed for $15.  That's more than a low offer - it's an insult.  Needless to say, I turned down offers that low.  That kind of offer doesn't even begin to cover the costs involved.  What are people thinking?

--And from the other side:  Yesterday I ventured out to a couple of sales (not many due to back issues) - there was a big estate sale at a home near me.  I noticed people coming and going - but not buying a whole lot.  And when I went inside, it was clear why.  Things were overpriced.  $10 for a set of kitchen glasses.  $5 for each pair of shoes (some of which were nice, but some were not even worth giving to charity stores).  $100 for a chair.  Etc.  The premise of yard sales is to get rid of things.  A seller doesn't have to give stuff away, but if things are priced too high, he/she will still have their stuff at the end of the day.  

--My house is clean.  Nice to go back to work next week knowing that it is clean.

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rk2 said...

We love estate sales! This weekend I bought a $100 rain barrel for $40 and Renae got a Kitchen pAid mixer for $75.