Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday's Fave Five, 12/23/16

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1. Christmas baking.  Accomplished yesterday and today.  I like to make small plates for neighbors and friends, and always end up taking big plates of sweets to the family gatherings.  (They're unhappy if I bring sweets, and unhappy if I don't.)  :-)

 Thumbprint cookies - a new attempt this year.  I saw on FB that my cousin made these, and it made me nostalgic.  Maybe Grandma used to make these?  I don't really remember, but decided to try them.

This is what happens (first batch) when you double all the ingredients but accidentally quadruple the butter.  Rich - rich - rich.

Fudge - always part of the Christmas plates.  Always.

And Russian teacakes - also always part of the Christmas plates.  But these three things are all I'm doing this year.  And they have to ALL be out of the house by the time of the last Christmas celebration.

 2. This morning I had to take Mike's truck to the tire shop to get a flat tire repaired.  Afterward, I made a stop at K-Mart.  Oh my.  All their Christmas items were at least half off; some things more.  This is how we stock the Christmas store at school, for the elementary students to buy Christmas presents early in December each year.  So I called the lady in charge, and she said yes, BUY as much as you can.  So I did!!  Here are two pics of the purchases.  For example - Those dishtowels were $6 for a pack of two.  They were half price.  So I got a dozen two-packs, will split them, which makes them $1.50 each.  We add $.50 to cover costs and provide some funds for the teachers.  These will be stored until next December, then the towels will be sold at the Christmas store for $2.00 each.  A bargain for the students, and make a little for the teachers for their classroom needs.

Blanket throws - Ribbons already around them.  $2.99 this morning!!

3. I wrote here about making a weighted blanket for my son.  Daughter-in-law put it on the bed.  And this morning I got a text:  "We both slept great!"  I really hope it helps.

4. Mike and I usually don't exchange gifts at Christmas.  We like to take a nice trip every so often, and that's plenty of gift for me.  But - it looks like I may be getting one this year.  This is for sale by some people that we know, and we've told them that we'd like it.  It's a good price, it will fit in the den really well, and - it's so comfortable I don't want to get up out of it.

5. Our children and we exchanged gifts last night.  It's so rare that the five of us all get together any more, that it was a nice treat.

Merry Christmas!!


Barbara H. said...

We've made sugar cookies earlier in the month, but that's all so far. My brother-in-law sent a big basket of various sweet treats, which we don't need, but they're nice to have around with all the kids here. I have yet to make my annual Harvest Loaf Cake, usually done earlier in the month but not necessarily for Christmas itself since we have pies then. But I am thinking maybe this afternoon...

Good deals at K-Mart! I wish they had one near here - I used to shop there all the time where we lived before.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Faith said...

I made Salted Peanut Coco Chip cookies so far and today I made my Chocolate Mint Truffle Cookies which will be dessert (along with Gingerbread for our Happy Birthday Jesus Cake) for Xmas day. Tomorrow morning before we head to church (we are performing at all 3 services so will be there from 1-7:30 pm!!) I will make my Chocolate Orange Fudge to have tomorrow night while we do our Xmas eve traditions. Any left over fudge will be brought to my dad on monday.

OUr area no longer has a K mart but i do remmember those end of the year sales they always had!


rk2 said...

Mmmmm, your fudge. I. Can't. Wait.

Deb said...

I always bake a few batches of cookies and make fudge and take some goodie plates around too - it is a Christmas tradition I grew up with and have continued. I love that recliner! What a great Christmas gift that would be. Nice finds and great prices at Kmart. Your student store will be well stocked. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Willow said...

I've been gone all this season, so there has been no cookie baking for me. I'm enjoying yours vicariously.
Wow, you are a great shopper. Glad you could find such low prices.

Merry Christmas!!