Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 1/20/17

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1. Just finished this little hat at about 5:00 Thursday afternoon, to go along with another present for a dear friend who was in school with my son, and was the honoree at a baby shower last night.  I work with her mom, who is also a dear friend.  These little loom hats are fun and fast to make.

2. I am thankful for a smooth and peaceful transfer of power for our government today.  I love the pomp and elegance of an inauguration ceremony.

3. Lunch today was brought in by Mike, who was off today.  A chicken salad sandwich on toasted sourdough bread, with provolone cheese, lettuce, and tomato.  No, he didn't fix it, but he did go get it, pay for it, and deliver it.

4. This is a day over a week, but I didn't get a FFF up last week.  We spent a lovely evening with my cousin Cleve and his wife Kathleen last Thursday night.   They're on their way to Florida and stopped by.  Always nice to see them!!!

5. And finally - after our dinner out last Thursday, we went back to my folks' house for awhile.  This little video was part of the evening.  On Facebook it gained almost 2000 views.  It's really sweet and worth 30 seconds of your time.  My father and my son!


Deb said...

Hello from Arizona! I enjoyed reading about your favorites of the week! I also watched the inauguration and am grateful to be an American and live in a country where we have a peaceful and orderly transfer of power. I teach high school, and even had my students take notes on his President Trump's speech! Hope you and your family have a good weekend!

Wendy said...

Always good to spend time with family and friends. Looks like you had fun. Have a good weekend.

Purple Grandma said...

Such a sweet video of your dad and your son! It's always a special blessing when I'm able to spend time with close or extended family. Looks like you have the same joy. It's always a special treat to have someone else take care of meal for you! Hope you have a wonderful week.

Barbara H. said...

Such a sweet video of your father and son singing. It's nice when you can get together with relatives, and nice when they can stop for a bit while traveling. When I used to volunteer at my kids' school, my husband used to bring me lunch on those days until he had to start traveling a lot. At the time his work was only about 3 minutes away. I enjoyed that. Nice of Mike to make time on his day off to do that. I'm grateful, too, for the peaceful transfer of power. I taped the coverage (5 hours worth) and only saw about half of it, but I enjoyed hearing some of the history behind some of the different traditions.

Susanne said...

How nice that your family stopped by on their way to Florida. A sweet lunch gift from your hubby. I love when my hubby does that kind of thing. Sweet video.

Willow said...

That's a sweet video of your son and your dad.
How nice of Mike to buy and deliver lunch!
That's a cute hat!