Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday's Fave Five, 5/19/17

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FFF posts seem to be the only ones I am getting done these days.  Summer is just around the corner (a week from today I will be DONE), so maybe I can do other posts when I am not surrounded by school details.

1. I've used my new oven a couple of times now, and am very happy with the oven part.  The burners - not quite so much.  I did not realize that a glass-topped range would be so difficult to keep nice and clean.  But it may just be a matter of adjustment.

However - the oven worked very well and I look forward to many good things coming out of it!

The rest of the renovations are coming along - although right now, due to the tiling, we are down to one toilet in the house. :-)  Not used to that!  Speaking of the tiling,

2. The bathroom floors are done!!  The new tile looks so, so much better than the worn-out old vinyl flooring that was in there.  We hope to get the painting done in the next couple of weeks, so that the toilets can be reinstalled and we can get back to a semblance of normal at least in the bathrooms.

3. These are my "embryonic groundhogs," as christened by my sophomores, who had their annual "Babe Day" earlier this week with their biology teacher (my dear friend).  She has done this ever since she started teaching.  When the biology class finishes their pig dissection for the year, they plan a "party" with all pig-related foods,  This year they had bacon, cocktail sausages, pigs in blankets, BBQ potato chips (OK, so they stretch the theme a little, but you almost have to), real BBQ, dips topped with crumbled bacon, etc.  One girl brought piggie-face cookies.  Then, during their party, they watch the old movie Babe.  It's the highlight of the biology year.

Well, since the sophomores are my homeroom, and since I had a pig cookie cutter (left over from years ago when my own daughter made pig cookies for this same event) and since a package of puff pastry was staring out from the refrig, I decided to make some pastry piggies. And - they looked adorable when removed out of the oven.  The features of a little pig were perfect.  However, when I iced them with pink icing - this was the result.  Embryonic groundhogs.  But they sure did taste good!

4. On Tuesday night we celebrated a belated Mothers' Day with my folks at our favorite restaurant.  Always a pleasure.

5. I figured out how to make a messy bun hat!  I have been learning how to make these hats, but haven't done a messy bun one yet (the kind with a larger hole at the top to accommodate a ponytail or bun).  This one was tried on by several students just to make sure it was right - and they all said it was.  Maybe I will get some made for next winter.


Barbara H. said...

Yay for the last week of the school year! Hope it all goes well for you.

I was hoping for a glass-topped range next time because I get so tired of having to lift burners up to clean up crumbs and spills underneath them. But now you have me questioning that. :-) Ours is not too old, so it will be a long while before we get a new one. I'll have to research it before then.

The floor looks good! It's hard to have just one working toilet even with just two people in the house. Hope it all gets put back together soon!

Funny about the the pig party!

Faith said...

WOW! you all only have one more week of school?? we have SIX here in NYS.
and summer begins on June 21 which is 3 days before my youngest graduates from high school!! NYS has a long school year. And my contract this year requires me to work summer school (6 weeks of special ed preschool) so this will be a big adjustment for me as i haven't taught summer school since 1994 when my oldest was 1!!

That's an interesting way to wrap up a bio class on pigs!!

I LOVE tile in the bathroom and only our upstairs bathroom has it....our downstairs one (half bath) still has old vinyl flooring from when we first built the house...I so wanna upgrade but now we face helping the youngest with college!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the end of your school year!

Ann said...

Faith - we start earlier and don't have as many holidays as most places. Our public schools here will go two more weeks. So it all comes out the same in the wash. :-)

Willow said...

The Professor had finals this week. My one grandson will be done on May 30 but the other two will continue into mid June--no schools are the same. Oh well. It makes no sense for CA schools to have 'snow days' added in to the schedule :)
The remodel will be worth it when it is finished. The tile floors look great!
I remember when my kids had biology dissections--I don't think it was as much fun as your school makes it. Fortunately none of my kids are 'squeamish' so biology was a fun class for them. They would have loved your piggie party!

Susanne said...

I'm lovin' the tile you have chosen! It's hard living thru the reno's but I'm sure it will be so nice when it's all done. Cleaning the tops of those stoves is not too hard if you have the right stuff. I use a product called Cerama Bryte stovetop cleaner and it cleans it up nice. I'm sure any brand of that would work. And the couple times I really burnt something on there my husband just used a putty knife to scrape the burnt stuff and then again with the Cerama Bryte. I had to chuckle with what the pink icing did but what a fun way to wrap up a unit.

Deb said...

Wow - nice range! I love the pig cookies. Hope you have had a good Memorial Day and that you enjoy your summer break.