Thursday, June 21, 2018

Things That Neither Prove Nor Disprove True Faith

I read this in John MacArthur's Romans 1-8 commentary, and thought it was something I had never seen before in this listing format.  It is good food for thought.

Things that neither prove nor disprove true faith:
  1. Visible morality.
  2. Intellectual knowledge of God's Word.
  3. Religious involvement.
  4. Active ministry in Christ's name.
  5. Conviction of sin and sense of guilt.
  6. Assurance of salvation (Depends on what the "assurance" is in.)
  7. Experience of a past decision (if no evidence of Godly living since then).
Reliable proofs of saving faith:
  1. Love for God.
  2. Repentance of and hatred for sin.
  3. Genuine humility.
  4. Devotion to God's glory.
  5. Prayer.
  6. Selfless love.
  7. Separation from the world.
  8. Spiritual growth.
  9. Obedient living.

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