Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Great Recipe

I've never been much of a lasagna lover, or a very good lasagna maker for that matter. All that changed with the discovery of "Simple Sausage Lasagna" several months ago in TASTE OF HOME magazine. (recipe available by using the search feature here. The whole family likes it, and it makes plenty for leftovers also. Best of all, by setting the oven to run from 10:45 to 11:45, it's cooked and has had a few minutes to set up, by the time we get back from church. Then I just throw some corn in a pot, and throw some garlic bread in the oven to brown into toast. And we can eat within ten minutes of walking in the door!

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Barry Cater said...

Wow, I come into the office on Monday morning after a 15 minute run - determined to get back into shape - and this is what is staring at me on one of my favorite blogs! Thanks a lot Mrs. B!!! :)