Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Daughter is a Senior!

We are picking out baby pictures for Mary Lee to submit to the yearbook. With a smaller school, each senior gets about a third of a page in the yearbook and includes a baby picture as well. We also are buying an ad in the back - a tradition for senior parents to do. (They get your money every way they can!!) Another childhood picture can be included there. Mike wrote the letter for Mary Lee's ad since she is such a daddy's girl. It's beautiful - another example of his eloquence when he writes a letter - but anybody who wants to read it will have to wait until the yearbook comes out in May!


Anonymous said...

Our school here was the first I had seen to have sr. ads, but it seems to be a tradition in these parts. I had fun putting the my guys' senior pages together...and got a little sentimental, too.

You got me wondering about devil’s food cake, so I looked it up. According to wikipedia, devil’s food cake has butter and real chocolate rather than cocoa — and therefore has a higher fat content (of course!)’s_food_cake

I appreciated your comments about Anne Bradstreet. Your lessons sound great!

rk2 said...

Little Marwee-wee is a senior!!! Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann -- I have no idea what could be causing the problems with getting pictures on other websites after looking at my blog. That is really strange. No one else has said anything. Most of my pictures are hosted on except for a few that I upload from my files.