Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Misc.

My room was reasonably ready by Wednesday afternoon this year, but I still didn't get everything done until Friday afternoon. Either I had more to do than usual, or work expands to fill the time allotted, but it took me all week. I have four new students in my homeroom (juniors) which is unusual once students get that far along in their educational careers.
The orange room is really different--for the first time our rooms were painted colors this summer, instead of the usual blah pale yellow they used to use when they repainted. It is not quite as intense as this picture would make it look--it's actually a pretty shade. The painters made a mistake at first and painted it pink. I didn't mind it too much but everyone else who looked at it said it was way, way too pink for a classroom. My principal said that if anyone at school got sick to their stomachs, he could just send them to my room and they'd be inside a Pepto-Bismol bottle. So everyone else, at least, is relieved that it is now orange.
The lantana did unbelievably well this summer in spite of the drought. These are just two plants! Today Mary Lee was on the porch talking to a friend on the phone , and saw a snake slithering up the metal post of the screen. Unfortunately, she said it was brown, not black - which means we may have a copperhead looking for water or a cool place. We'll have to keep a close watch when we go outside.


Barry Cater said...

Oh, how fondly I remember the blah pale yellow walls of the high school wing :) The room looks great!

Ann said...

They painted your room a blah beige since no teacher was in there to request a color. Had I known I'd have suggested a color! Thanks for the comment.

From the Front Porch said...

I love the orange...definitely better than pink! Now you just need some Clemson stuff in there and you are ready for football season!