Saturday, August 9, 2008


- Inservice starts Monday. I'm actually ready to go back this year, at least as much as possible considering I don't feel so great.

- Andrew goes to see Ernie Haase and Signature Sound today. He's been thrilled about this for weeks.

- A group of teenagers were here Thursday night. They swam and then played a rousing game of Monopoly. It always blesses my heart when good kids can get together and have good, clean fun.

- I went to a yard sale this morning and got seven hats that would be perfect for the play "Our Town" if we do it this fall. Maybe that's a sign?!!

- Two people made the peach muffins recipe posted below. One said "yummy" and the other one said they didn't quite turn out - were a little gummy. I do remember that happening a time or two, and wonder if humidity might have something to do with it? Or maybe they just need a little more flour.

- The Olympics opening ceremonies (what I watched - I went to bed at 10:00) were an incredible display of technology and pageantry. Each segment was fascinating. However, during the segments about the "spirit of harmony flowing throughout" etc., and similar ideas portrayed several times, I couldn't help but think that paganism doesn't have to look dark and black - it can be displayed in beautiful and entrancing forms such as what was shown last night. I always think of what my dad said about China after spending eight weeks there - "If the world is dark, then China is abjectly dark."


From the Front Porch said...

Hope school gets off to a good start :). No Campbells this year, so that should take some stress off :P

Anonymous said...

I saw thew latter part -- the teams coming in and the torch lighting. That was something!

That's a good thought that paganism isn't always displayed as dark and ominous.