Monday, August 11, 2008

Pool Party

Had another crowd here last night as Andrew's college and career class came after church to swim. At Andrew's request I made lasagna - THREE of them to be precise. And they all got eaten along with corn, garlic bread, and ice cream and peaches. They just about splashed all the water out of the pool with all their belly flops and antics. I'm always glad when young people have a good time in a good way.

Mary Lee was not here - she is in Cleveland visiting her friend from art camp. I talked to her briefly on the phone today - she wants to move there. :-) She flew alone yesterday for the first time. It's kind of hard on a mother to watch her teenage daughter disappear through security at an airport knowing there are all kinds of crazies out there.


Anonymous said...

Ha! She wants to move here???

From the Front Porch said...

I must Say...Cleveland is where Dan is from. It is not our favorite city :). Although, if God called us there, we would be happy to go, but to just live there to live there? Think winter!