Saturday, October 10, 2009

Birdhouse Memories

Last week at the Wilds, my dear friend Brenda and I toured a birdhouse that was on display. ("Toured" is not exactly the right word, but we did go inside.) Teens and counselors who go to camp these days have no idea how nice they have it, living in duplex cabins with an inside bathroom in every one. Brenda and I each spent a summer in a birdhouse - where there is just enough room to get out of your bunk - one of eight squeezed in there - to go outside. (Provided you don't have a camper on a mattress on the floor.) Can you picture having to leave this cozy little structure in the middle of the night to take a camper or yourself to the bathhouse - in a rainstorm? I do miss Wilds days sometimes - they were times of great learning and great fun - but I do not miss living in a birdhouse. Great nostalgia, but that's it!

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