Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Open Letter To My Sister

Dear Rhoda,

All week long I have remembered that your birthday is today.  On Monday night, I bought you a birthday card at the grocery store.  It was cute - you'll like it.  I signed, addressed, and stamped it that night.  I knew if it got mailed on Tuesday that for the first time in our lives you would get a birthday card from me on time.

I left it on the kitchen table Tuesday morning.

Yesterday, vowing not to make that mistake twice, I made sure it got in my bookbag and out on my desk.  The plan was to have a seventh grader take it to outgoing mail in the office during activity period study hall, at 9:45.

At 3:30 I discovered the card on my desk.

This morning (the day of your birthday) I managed to get the card delivered, via a student, to outgoing mail.  There is a chance that the mailman has already been here and that it is indeed in outgoing mail - to go out tomorrow.

Happy Birthday today.  I tried.

Love, Ann


Barbara H. said...

:-) I have done this kind of thing so often...

rk2 said...

Thanks from the sister who will be receiving this card but who has sent more cards that arrived after a birthday than on or before it.

A friend said she learned in her business law class that the postmark date is the date that must be considered as received. So when I send a card as long as it's sent by the birthday legally it has been received by the birthday and would be "on time". At least that's been my defense since I've learned it.

I'm looking forward to getting this card!