Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Road to the Wilds

I went to the Wilds today for the 40th birthday party and will post more about that soon, when I'm not so tired. However, I was thinking on the way home how many memories I have of the road there.

Summer staff in the days of the road being unpaved - The road was so dusty that we could barely see our way. The washboarding ruined the undercarriage of many a car. But we staff members had to keep going, as fast as we could, because staff meeting was at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, and we didn't dare be late. Those were good times.

Weekend worker - I'd leave my teaching job at 4:00, pack, and then go to camp. Spending the weekend there, usually working in the office but sometimes the craft shop, was always a great experience. I remember in October of 1980 when my grandmother passed away, and I had to leave Sunday morning, coming down the mountain when the leaves were at their peak--a trip that I remember well because of the beauty as well as the circumstances.

Getting engaged - Mike and I were traveling to the Wilds just to spend the afternoon, and he popped the question on the way there so that I could show off my diamond to my friends.

Taking kids to camp - Andrew loved junior camp, and ML and I drove up to spend the night with the Hays and then pick him up. We also took several trips as a family to Labor Day family camp, and the kids loved that also. Those trips up the road were filled with "are we there yet?"

School trips - riding a bus, not much fun. I'll never forget the trip about four years ago when I somehow ended up at the back of the oldest bus, windows open, exhaust coming in, bus swinging on the hairpin curves. I've never gotten so sick on the trip as that time.

That curvy mountain road is full of memories!


Carrie said...

I learned a few new things tonight :)! Love you....and I just want you to know I check your blog at least almost every day :P.

rk2 said...

I need a dramamine just thinking about the drive.