Sunday, September 12, 2010

Skull and Crossbones

My dear friend is one of those very discerning, very intelligent women - a Bible teacher (and other subjects also) comparable to none - yet she is prone to doing things that make people wonder from time to time.

I'd better be careful, remembering many of the DUMB things I've done.

Recently she bought a new pair of sunglasses. Not having her reading glasses with her, she just grabbed a pair that fit nicely and bought them. She noticed some bling at the temple but didn't think anything about it.

A few days later she was riding home from a funeral with another lady, who, with a little awkwardness, kept looking at the temple of her sunglasses. Finally the lady ventured forth,

"Did you know your sunglasses have a skull and crossbones on them?"

Yes, that's my friend - wonderful Bible teacher, wearer of skull and crossbones.

I own a mini-screwdriver. I brought the glasses home with me and have removed the offensive symbol. But those who know her still wonder about her a little bit.

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