Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Pictures

Well - here I sit during Open House at school - the crowd is basically over but I can't leave for awhile yet. So, here are some totally random pictures that are somehow loaded on my school computer. Mostly of family. Captions underneath.
Andrew and ML with their cousin Lauren at Grandma and Papa's house. Don't they look like happy kiddos-

A Sunday morning in Alabama. Notice Baby Bop. She was a constant companion for several years. I didn't always buy things in Walmart, but somehow when she saw Baby Bop and asked for it, I knew it was something special. And it was.

. . .and the motif carried over into their clothes. . .

ML with her Aunt Rhoda and a present that she brought back from the Dominican Republic.

ML and cousin Lauren.

ML in chemistry lab, 2006

These were the Chinese girls that were in my chemistry class during their visit to our city. The one in orange, Selia, I still keep up with. She sends me little gifts and I send things back. We also exchange emails.

Andrew and ML were both in the same play, the last year that Mrs. Jordan did it.

Andrew right before leaving for Iceland on a missions trip.
Andrew's graduation with his grandma and papa.
Mary Lee's graduation with her family
We used to make a bunny cake every year at Easter out of two round cakes. You may be able to tell that the ears and bow can be cut out of one of the cakes. That particular year it happened to be a "bunny brownie," and if I remember right this is about the last year that we did this. Sometime if I get particularly enthusiastic, I will hunt up all the bunny cake pictures and post them in sequence. Don't count on that any time soon.

Easter Sunday, appears to be about 1995.

The same Easter Sunday.

I told you this was a random assortment! I may do this again sometime. . .when there is nothing to do but I've got to stay at school. . .

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