Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conversation with the "Third Mr. Elliot"

This morning during the first part of Bible class, my classroom phone rang and the secretary said "Lars Gren is on the phone for you." Lars Gren is the husband of Elisabeth Elliot, the author, and I had mailed an order for a CD to them. (I use the CD every year to play for the seniors before they graduate, and mine had disappeared. The Grens are the only ones who still carry this particular message - I can no longer find it on the Focus on the Family website.) Mr. Gren had a question about the order, and we had a nice brief conversation as well. I told him how much I have appreciated the writings of his wife throughout the years.

Anyway, while the secretary was transferring the call, I said to my class "You'll never guess who's on the phone - Elisabeth Elliot's husband!" And one of the girls replied, "Who, Jim?"


Barbara H. said...

LOL! He seems to take being the third Mr. Elliot in stride with good humor. I had a gracious note from him once in response to a question I sent in about a poem in one of Elisabeth's books that I could not find.

I'd be interested to know what CD you share with your class.

Ann said...

Barbara - I use "The Path of Endurance" with them.

rk2 said...

My connection to the third Mr. Elliott is that when Elizabeth spoke at the Peoria County Jail Ministry banquet, he was busy at the book table and couldn't sit at the head table. JoJo thought somebody should sit beside Elizabeth so she asked if I'd be willing to sit there. Wow, I was so honored. Then they announced the "honored guests" at the head table, and it was rather funny when Ed M. came to me. He looked at me as if to say, "What are you doing here???" and then introduced me.